Online Permit Renewal FAQ

Click to play video tutorial for online permit renewal.

If I already submitted my renewal application by mail, should I renew my permit in the portal too?

No. If you have already submitted your application via mail, DO NOT go any further in the portal.

What if I already filed to renew my permit in the portal? Should I still file the paper application that I received in the mail?

No. While the Division made every effort to avoid duplication, it is possible that you may have filed to renew your liquor permit in the portal after your paper application was already sent to you. In this case, you can disregard the paper application.

What is the benefit of filing my renewal application in the portal?

There are many benefits to renewing your application in the portal. These include:

  • It’s faster
  • It’s easier
  • It reduces mistakes
  • You can pay online!

How do I use this portal to renew my permit?

  1. Review the permit address on file with the Division listed in the “Business Type Details” section of the renewals page.
  2. Review the Officer information on file with the Division listed in the “Officers” section of the renewals page.
  3. Click on the permit location in the “Renewal Manager” section of the renewals page.
  4. Review the permit classes that are listed in the “Permits” section for that location.
  5. If you do not wish to renew a specific permit class at that location, click the trash can icon next to that permit class. For example, if your location at 123 Street has a D-1, D-2, and D-3 and you do not wish to renew your D-3 permit, then click on the trash icon next to your D-3 permit. Your amount due will recalculate and upon completion only your D-1 and D-2 permits will be renewed.
  6. Answer the required questions listed for each location.
  7. Save your responses for each location.
  8. If you have multiple permit locations, repeat the steps above until all locations have been reviewed and saved.
  9. Once you have reviewed all the information specific to each permit location and saved your responses for each location, click the “Submit” button.
  10. Please review the certification language and enter the requested information (including your first and last name in the space provided, which will serve as your electronic signature).
  11. Click the “I Certify” button.
  12. Review the Payment Summary. It will contain details about the permit classes renewed at each location and the associated fees.
  13. Click “Payment” to be directed to our secure payment processor.
  14. Once payment is complete, your renewal application will be submitted to the Division for processing and you will be returned to the Online Permit Renewal Portal where you will have the option to either print or save your payment receipt & Authority to Operate. This document serves as your authority to operate consistent with the privileges authorized by the permit classes listed above and must be visibly posted on your permit premises or kept within the motor vehicle if you hold an “H” permit.

What do I do if I have a mailing address change or an officer change?

Click the “Yes” button in the appropriate section. You will not be able to provide the new officer/address information in the portal. Instead, a Division representative will contact you for further details to determine if the changes require additional processing like a change in membership/stock application.

How do I pay for my renewal application online? Is this transaction secure?

You can pay with a valid credit card or by entering your checking account information (account and routing number). Your transaction will be completed securely by the State of Ohio’s trusted payment processor.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

Click on the “Contact Liquor Licensing Renewals” button at the bottom of the screen. When prompted enter your email address and ask your question, please be as specific as possible. A Division representative will contact you.

Need more information? Contact us by clicking the Contact Liquor Licensing Renewals button.