Temporary Expansion Request (due to Covid-19 Emergency)

To assist businesses in meeting social distancing requirements as a result of the Covid-19 emergency, the Division of Liquor Control is accepting requests for temporary expansion. These temporary expansions will end when, whichever happens first, (1) the state of emergency declared by the Governor no longer exists, or (2) the Division notifies the permit holder that the temporary expansion has expired or that the expansion has been approved for permanent use.

Before beginning your request, please gather the following documents. Your request will not be submitted for approval without the required documents. Document types accepted are .png, .jpg, and .pdf. Maximum size for each document is 10 MB. Documents needed are:

  1. An architectural drawing or sketch of the proposed expansion area including Length X Width dimensions. If your architectural drawing consists of multiple pages, please scan them into a single document for upload. This document is required.
  2. Local authority approval for temporary expansion to public property. This document is required if there are to be any street closures, public sidewalks, parks, or other public land used for the temporary expansion.
  3. Board of Health approval for temporary expansion to public property or for a temporary expansion that would not meet the requirements of a permanent expansion. This document is required for any proposed temporary expansion that requires local authority approval. It is also required for any proposed temporary expansion that is contiguous to the existing permit premises, under the ownership or control of the permit holder, but would not meet the requirements of a permanent expansion, such as a parking lot or grassy area owned or controlled by the permit holder.
  4. Approval from the real property owner if the property is not owned by the permit holder. If the permit holder is not the real property owner this document is required.

To apply for a temporary expansion of premises please input your permit number, email address, and a description of the expansion area. In the description of the expansion area be sure to include Length X Width dimensions. Examples of the information to be included in the description are:

  • “Expansion will consist of a 35’X22’ patio area located on the south-side rear of the premises.”
  • “The temporary expansion consists of the parking lot to the Northeast of the building measuring 130'X40'.”
  • “The temporary expansion is a patio on the front of the building measuring 29'X6'.”

After the permit number, email address, and description have been saved you will be prompted to upload your documents.

If you do not know your permit number, you can look it up by utilizing the Division of Liquor Control Permit Search below.

Permit Search

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